Flora & Fauna.


Wolf 3
The chance to spot a wolf is limited but not impossible. Increasingly, small packs are seen and sheep farmers are less enthusiastic about this. During walks in the verdon area there is a good chance to get acquainted with any of the other permanent residents. The Mediterranean climate in this protected area creates an excellent habitat for plants and animals.


The diversity of butterflies and birds is surprising. The most famous inhabitant is the griffon vulture. This flying battleship will not escape your attention because this huge bird has wingspan of almost 3 meters and is permanently present between and above the cliffs of the gorges. The loirs is a smaller occupant and widely seen. This friendly woolly rascal is also known as the dormouse who sleeps from October to April. Once awake the lost time is overtaken by noisy partying. Due to the large population of big animals such as deer’s, roe deer’s and boars, but also martens, badgers and foxes, caution is advised when driving at night and during the early morning.